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The ability to design, make, acquire, and apply skills and technologies is important in the world today and key in the education of citizens for the future.

The ADST curriculum builds on students’ natural curiosity, inventiveness, and desire to create and work in practical ways.

The ADST curriculum offers:

  • a focus on designing thinking principles, the acquisition of skills, and the application of technologies.

  • multiple methods of delivery that can be offered in different ways at different grade levels.

  • curriculum that encourages the use of a range of approaches to support student learning in the manner best suited to their diverse abilities.

  • Curricular Competencies that offer logical growth along a continuum, to provide a consistent and continuous focus for both students and teachers on the “doing” aspect of the curriculum, and to encourage student metacognition.

Canva: Design by Music

Students in grade six and seven at ÉWES drew inspiration from music they composed collaboratively in music class to design CD covers. First, they learned the basics of using Garageband, looking at form and the structure of musical compositions to create a short tune. Then, in Applied Design, Skills & Technology (ADST) class, they explored different ideas using Canva, an online design service. Here are a few examples the made. See the links belows to browse through all of their designs. Bravo, les amis!


Cricket Jingle de Mme Natasha.png
Weird de M. Jérôme.png
La douleur interne de Mme Dion.png
Go Fishy de Mme Jennifer.png
Café Meurtrier de M. Brown.png
Boss Fight de Mme Melissa.png
Elmo's World de Mme Julie.png
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